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Why Sell with Us?

Why Sell with Us?

Selling a farm, ranch, resort or rural property involves many complexities. A successful transaction requires keen expertise, a robust marketing program and a broad information base to draw from. Our team at Western Land Group offers all of the above.

A successful real estate transaction hinges on two core elements 1) Price and 2) Marketing Exposure.

Drawing from experience, and utilizing the most comprehensive land sales database in British Columbia, our team will assist you in strategically pricing your farm, ranch or rural property. Our objective is to maximize your final sales value while ensuring alignment with current supply and demand forces in the marketplace.

Properties in rural locales require enhanced marketing exposure beyond what is offered by traditional Multiple Listing Services. Quality marketing materials, combined with proven marketing strategies, generates maximum Buyer exposure ensuring top dollar is achieved in every transaction.

Finally, our team recognizes the emotional process involved in selling a rural property. Blood, sweat and tears go into the development of every farm, ranch, resort and rural property and it can be an emotionally difficult decision to sell. Our team has been there for hundreds of landowners through the selling process, and we are here to help guide you. We vow to always act in accordance with your very best interests.

Things to Consider

Selling a rural property in British Columbia is accompanied by additional complexities compared to an urban real estate transaction. It is prudent to compile all available information regarding a property in advance of taking a property to market. This will ensure we can head off any potential Buyer concerns and questions before they arise. It is also prudent to seek legal and accounting guidance to avoid any legal, or tax complications.

Some key considerations when listing a rural property include:

  • What are your Tax and Legal Implications of Selling Your Property/Operation?
  • Are Income Statements Available?
  • Is an Equipment List Compiled?
  • Is a Cattle and Other Livestock List Compiled?
  • Is a Hay and Animal Forage List Compiled?
  • Are Your Water Licenses Registered?
  • Is Your Septic in Good Condition? Has it Been Pumped Recently?
  • Are Crown Grazing Range Documents Compiled?
  • Have You Ensured all Outstanding Fees are Paid and Up to Date (grazing licenses, lease payments, water licenses etc.)?
  • Is Your Home Owner-Built and Under 10 Years Old?
  • Are there any Liens/Charges on Title?
  • Are there Any Outstanding Building Permits?
  • Timeframe – How Long Will it Take You to Move Out?

This non-exhaustive list is a solid foundation to ensure your property transaction goes as smoothly as possible.