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West Facing Lakefront Lot on Majestic Takla Lake, BC – Takla Landing, BC

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  • DESCRIPTION: Lakefront parcel offering rural solitude and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities in one of British Columbia’s most idyllic settings. This 0.46-acre property offers a gentle shoreline and flat lot perfect for...
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Lakefront parcel offering rural solitude and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities in one of British Columbia’s most idyllic settings. This 0.46-acre property offers a gentle shoreline and flat lot perfect for building the recreational cabin of your dreams.

The property is timbered, providing privacy from neighbouring lots. Takla Landing is a short distance south of the property. Takla Landing offers necessities such has groceries, fuel and a restaurant when you do not feel like cooking, and a small motel if you needed to rent a room while building your dream cabin. The property is road accessible from Takla Landing, however, this is not a provincially recognized road. Hence, on paper the property is boat access only. The residents of the subdivision, where the property is located, have built and maintain a road, which enables the owners of the subdivision to access the property via vehicle 3 seasons of the year. During the winter the property is easily accessed via snow machine from Takla Landing. The property is 300 meters from the maintained main road, Lake Shore Dr.

With no zoning designation, gentle waterfrontage and endless swaths of wilderness this is the ideal location for a getaway cabin that your family will enjoy for generations to come. The property is priced below its BC Assessed Value leaving ample opportunity to construct your wilderness getaway.


The property is located a short distance north of Takla Landing, BC


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Takla Landing, also known as McLaing Landing is an unincorporated locality and former steamboat landing on the east side of Takla Lake[1] in the Omineca Country of the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. In the days of the Omineca Gold Rush, Takla Landing was a port for steamboats connecting trails from Hazelton, British Columbia via Babine Lake to trails leading from Takla Landing eastwards to the area of the gold strikes in the lower Omineca River.
The locality is the site of North Tacla Lake Indian Reserve No. 7 and adjoining it is North Tacla Lake Indian Reserve 7A. The reserves, 63.1 and 14.8 ha. respectively, are under the administration of the Takla Lake First Nation.
The community is served by the Takla Landing Water Aerodrome.


Thick coniferous forests, blanket the surrounding mountains and hillsides. Mixed in with the coniferous trees, surrounding the property, are stands of poplar. The area is known for its rich and robust forest growth, which provides a lucrative source of lumber and material for prospective logging companies. The area is so vast with the logging conducted in a strategic manner, as to not detract from the region’s beauty.


A variety of fish species inhabit Takla Lake feasting on the thick shoals of salmon fry. This food source provides excellent habitat for the giant rainbow trout, which can grow up to 22 lbs and lake trout/char, which can reach 40+ lbs.

Takla Lake offers some of the most unrivalled fishing opportunities found anywhere in British Columbia and the world. The lake offers great opportunity for rainbow trout (a guest caught a rainbow of 22 lbs.), lake trout, burbot, kokanee and mountain whitefish. Takla Lake is the upper link of the Stuart-Trembleur-Takla lake chain, which is part of the longest migration route of chinook and sockeye salmon in British Columbia at over 1,600 km. The chinook migration halts at the southern mouth of Takla Lake. The fishing opportunity extends year-round with ice fishing available in the winter.

The property is located in Management Unit 7-27. Within this unit general tags are available for mule deer, white-tail, moose, elk, mountain goat and black bear. With the sparse population and rich habitat, the hunting opportunities are excellent. Often you can combine a day’s fishing excursion with hunting.

The large network of logging trails provides infinite off-roading possibilities for side-by-sides, quads, dirt bikes and snowmobiles. You can spend a lifetime exploring the thousands of miles which make up the area’s logging trail network. Combine off-roading with camping or hunting to prolong the experience and open up new and remote exploration opportunities.

Hiking/Horseback Riding
These same trail networks, which provide such excellent off-roading, double as hiking and horseback riding trails. This is a gentler, more peaceful opportunity to explore the surrounding areas natural splendour.


Takla Lake is the fifth largest naturally occurring lake in British Columbia. The Driftwood River flows into the lake and the Middle River drains it. The Peninsula across from the property is home to Mount Blanchet Provincial Park, which provides critical habitat for a herd of collared woodland caribou and wintering areas for grizzly bears. The lake itself has over 600 KM of pristine shoreline to explore.

Takla Lake is the origin of both of Canada’s national airlines with Russ Baker and Grant McConachie using the lake as a jumping off point for their bush planes. Russ Baker was the founder of Pacific Western Airlines and Grant McConachie helped start and run Canadian Pacific Airways.

Takla Landing Indian Reserve is located 40 km north of Takla Narrows by water access only.


$220 (2022)


No Zoning Designation