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Immaculate Oceanfront Lot Along the Renowned Beaches of Haida Gwaii – Masset, BC

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  • DESCRIPTION: Incredible opportunity to purchase an affordable oceanfront acreage on Haida Gwaii. With northerly views out over the Dixon Entrance, this lot totals 3.75 acres and with 320 feet of shoreline this lot is the perfect option for your dream getaway. To learn more about this rare opportunity, please contact the listing REALTOR®.
  • LISTING NUMBER : 23130
  • PRICE: $425,000
  • SIZE: 3.75 acres


Located just a short 15-minute drive from Massett, this bare oceanfront lot spanning 3.75 acres, is your gateway to a serene lifestyle on Haida Gwaii.  You’ll have the expanse of the Pacific Ocean right at your doorstep, offering unmatched, breathtaking views.  Imagine waking up to the symphony of waves lapping against the shore, seagulls calling in the distance, and watching the sun rise over the endless ocean, painting the sky with hues of pink and orange.  It’s a slice of paradise, away from the hubbub of city life, yet still conveniently accessible.

Haida Gwaii, previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, is a collection of over 150 islands with deep roots in the culture and history of the Haida First Nation.  This unique location is not just a visual delight but also a rich hub of biodiversity.  The lot is surrounded by a variety of fauna and flora, turning your potential backyard into an exciting exploration ground.  The quiet solitude of the place is calming, providing an ideal space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

When it comes to recreational activities, the opportunities around are endless.  The lot is a perfect base for numerous outdoor pursuits.  Take a leisurely walk along the beach, go fishing or crabbing in the crystal-clear waters, or just spend the day beachcombing, discovering hidden treasures washed up by the ocean.  For the more adventurous, nearby trails offer hiking and birdwatching experiences, while the ocean opens up possibilities for kayaking and surfing.

The proximity to Massett ensures that while you’re nestled in your serene and tranquil haven, you’re never too far from amenities.  Massett, a small village in the northern part of Graham Island, is the largest of Haida Gwaii’s towns.  Here, you can access all necessary services including shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools.  In addition, the Massett Harbour is a hub for commercial fishing, which contributes to the vibrant local community.  With an easily accessible route, this 3.75-acre oceanfront lot strikes a perfect balance between secluded retreat and convenient living.


Lot 4 – Tow Hill Road – Masset, BC


Haida Gwaii (formerly The Queen Charlotte Islands) can be reached by plane or ferry with daily flights on Air Canada to Sandspit (on Moresby Island) from Vancouver.  There is also air service with from Vancouver and from Prince Rupert.  BC Ferries services the Islands from Prince Rupert with 5 sailings a week in summer, and 3 in winter from Prince Rupert to Skidegate on Graham Island in the Queen Charlottes.  Sailing time is approximately 6 hours.

Rental cars are available in Sandspit, Masset and Queen Charlotte City.  From Sandspit drive 6 miles (10 km) to the Kwuna ferry to Skidegate.  From Skidegate travel north to Masset on Highway 16 (an extension of the Yellowhead Highway) for 63 miles (101 km).  From Masset travel approximately 8.7 miles (14 km) on Tow Hill Road to the lots.  A majority of Tow Hill Road is paved.  Directly in front of the lots is good gravel surface.


Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of some 200 islands, most of them small and uninhabited, covering an area of 9,596 km2 running 251 km from south to north, and 84 km west to east.  They are separated from the mainland by Hecate Strait.  The largest islands are Graham to the north and Moresby to the south.

Masset, population approximately 1,000, is 40 km north of Port Clements.  Masset, on Masset Sound, is the largest community on Graham Island.  Located at the end of Highway 16, amenities include full tourist services, restaurants, accommodations, RV park open year-round and groceries.  Boat launching and moorage facilities are available along with Canada’s most northwesterly 18-hole golf course Dixon Entrance Golf and Country Club.

In 2016 a state-of-the-art hospital was completed in Masset.  The 50-million-dollar project provides emergency, acute care, maternity, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services and a pharmacy.

Old Masset, only minutes away, is where local Haida artists display their silver, gold, argillite carvings and jewelry.  Road access available to the north end of Naikoon Provincial Park on Tow Hill Road.  Tow Hill’s 109 metre basalt cliff is the most prominent landmark on the northeast coast.

Until a few years ago logging and fishing were the main source of jobs, however today are fewer people working in resource-based jobs with a recent shift to tourism-oriented employment.  The main economic driver is government jobs including, hospital workers, school districts, BC Ferries, local Forestry and Parks offices.


The isolation and climate make the islands distinctly different from the Mainland and permit unique subspecies to thrive here.  Luxurious rain forests, shell scattered shorelines and sandy beaches provide superlative wilderness adventures.


Haida Gwaii is world-renowned for fishing, both fresh and saltwater.  Freshwater streams and the ocean create a legendary pursuit for fishers.

Crabbing along North Beach is available for most of the year.  North Beach is considered by many to be one of the best razor clam beaches in the world.  Dungeness crabs can also be caught in this area.  Some of the best dinners in the world can be found just metres from your doorstep.  All that is needed is crab net and a stroll in the ocean shallows along the beach.

Hiking, biking and walking on the beaches or numerous trails provides enjoyment for the outdoor enthusiasts.  One of Masset’s attractions is the world-famous Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary.  This sanctuary is on the southern route for migratory birds.  At least 140 species have been seen at different times.  The once endangered Trumpeter Swan winters here, and Sandhill Cranes spend the summer here.  The Sanctuary is becoming internationally recognized for its importance as a nesting, feeding and wintering area.

Naikoon Provincial Park, one of the two prominent provincial parks on Haida Gwaii, consists of 179,493 acres of low bog land and superb sand dunes, with forests occurring only along river valleys and hills.  Naikoon reaches out into Hecate Strait and culminates in Rose Spit, an ecological reserve and excellent spot for watching birds migrating south.  Naikoon Park is known for its beautiful scenery, excellent hiking trails and wilderness campsites.


Haida Gwaii (formerly The Queen Charlotte Islands) were the first place in British Columbia discovered and recorded by European Juan Perez in July 1774.  In 1787 British explorer Captain George Dixon named the islands Queen Charlotte for his ship and his Queen, some 13 years after Spanish explorer Juan Perez sailed here.  The appeal of Haida Gwaii lies in their mystique, which comes in part from their isolated, storm-swept landscape and from Haida culture.

The Haida people make up just 30 percent of the island’s total population, yet their influence is significant.  They participate heavily in the island’s major industries, logging, fishing and tourism also play an increasing important role.  Many Haida artists are barely able to keep up with the demand for their work.


54° 2’10.74″N and 131°56’8.51″W


Hydro to the lot line.


$2,002.51 (2023)


Rural District (R1)



PID 026-449-463