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Enchanting 185 Acre Fraser River Opportunity: Fertile and Full of Potential – Quesnel, BC

  • Select Property type: Sold
  • DESCRIPTION: A stunning 185-acre property, surrounded by Crown land and melding fertile farmland with pockets of timber, is tucked away south of Quesnel along the peaceful Fraser River, just a 45-minute drive from the hustle of the town. Offering approximately 150 acres of premium soil, it features diverse landscapes, including a 65-acre lower river bench and 90 acres of scenic upper fields, alongside a 25-acre timbered side hill, all offering unique agricultural and development potentials.
  • LISTING NUMBER : 23200
  • PRICE: $399,000
  • SIZE: 185 acres


We are happy to introduce this magnificent expanse of 185 acres, surrounded by Crown land and offering 1.67 KM’s of frontage onto the serene Fraser River. A mere 45-minute drive will transport you from the town of Quesnel to this splendid haven, ensuring a peaceful yet accessible getaway. The property is accessed over Crown Land via a public road and flaunts approximately 150 acres of notably superior soil, embraced by an area renowned for its gentle microclimate, offering promising conditions for prolific agricultural endeavours. The alluring lower river bench reveals a spacious open flat of approximately 65 acres, providing ample space for versatile uses, including farming, recreation, or even as a picturesque site for events.

The upper fields of the property unfold across approximately 90 acres, presenting an inspiring canvas that boasts panoramic views of the sweeping river valley. Significantly affected by the fires of 2017 the property is ready for new vision, direction and a second life. These majestic upper fields provide an opportunity to create an extraordinary residence, and over time establish a thriving agricultural business. Imagine waking up every day to the enchanting views, where the verdant landscapes meet the azure skies, ensuring a peaceful yet exhilarating start to your daily adventures. Whether it be farming, or building a grand residence, the breathtaking views and solitude offer an unparalleled foundation.

Connecting the upper and lower bench is a timbered side hill, spanning roughly 25 acres, punctuating the landscape with a robust and vibrant forested segment. This adds a splendid layer of diversity to the terrain and introduces significant timber reserves, providing a valuable resource for construction, sale, or simply to maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem within the property.

In addition to the aesthetic and potential agricultural allure, the property also boasts a sizeable water license and gravel deposits, significantly augmenting the inherent value of this already remarkable setting. Such resources not only facilitate various potential agricultural or developmental endeavours but also pave the way for potential alternative income streams, such as gravel mining or utilizing the water source for aquaculture, further enhancing the huge potential of this vast tract of land.


DL 8005 – Castle Rock Road, Quesnel BC


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The West Fraser area, nestled to the southwest of Quesnel, provides a blend of captivating natural beauty and rich occupational opportunities, creating a symbiotic relationship between work and play in this vibrant region. The vicinity is renowned for its prosperous lumber and forestry sector, with enterprises like West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., an esteemed company in the forestry industry, establishing its significant presence here. This thriving industry not only propels the local economy but also provides numerous employment opportunities to the residents, intertwining the lives of the community with the lush and abundant forests that envelop the region. Moreover, agricultural pursuits have found a fertile and welcoming ground in the expanses of land that characterize the area, wherein the meticulous balance of work and sustainability is not just a concept but a practice embedded in daily life.

Recreational activities in the West Fraser area effortlessly meld with its occupational counterpart, providing an unparalleled blend where leisure and livelihood coalesce amidst nature’s bounty. The Fraser River and its tributaries, with their calm and serene waters, beckon enthusiasts for fishing, boating, and various water-based activities, enabling them to immerse in the tranquility while being enveloped by breathtaking landscapes. The lush forests offer hiking, biking, and exploration adventures, where every trail unveils a new secret of the Cariboo region’s exquisite beauty and biodiversity. Winter doesn’t dull the sparkle of outdoor activities but rather transforms the land into a playground for snowmobiling, skiing, and more, ensuring that the West Fraser area remains a vibrant and invigorating locale all year round, seamlessly intertwining the realms of work, recreation, and natural harmony.


The property is an outdoorsmen’s dream. With hunting and fishing opportunities mere minutes from the front door of the property. The lush growing climate and ample space creates a garden enthusiast’s dream with excellent opportunity to grow and harvest a wide array of fruits and vegetables.

The property is well situated for equestrian usage with trails tracks of land suitable for riding. Thousands of square kilometres of Crown land not far away, provide infinite opportunity to explore the countryside. Some other recreational opportunities include:

  • Gardening
  • Hobby farming
  • Equestrian
  • Quadding
  • Dirt biking
  • Snowmobiling
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Rafting
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife viewing




$139.96 (2023)


Resource/Agricultural (R/A) Zone

Rural Land Use Bylaw no. 3505



PID: 018-670-458