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Affordable 315 Recreational Acres with Cozy Home – Baker Creek, BC

  • Select Property type: Sold
  • DESCRIPTION: This property offers tremendous recreational opportunity along with a cozy recently renovated home and outbuildings for storage. The property is secluded, but has excellent year-round access. The region is a recreational hub with fishing, hunting and trail riding opportunities.
  • LISTING NUMBER : 19040
  • PRICE: $299,000
  • SIZE: 315 acres


This property consists of two equally sized titles and offers an affordable option to own an expansive recreational property in the desirable area of Baker Creek, BC.  The property provides complete seclusion, but still possesses year-round access and is a short commute into the town of Quesnel.  The property’s topography is flat with timbered ridges rising on the eastern and western fringes of the property.  The property possesses thick willow cover with sections of marsh creating excellent moose and deer habitat.  The option is there to clear portions of the property to create excellent grazing for cattle and horses.

Merston Creek dissects the center of the property in a north-south orientation.  The creek creates excellent habitat for a huge variety of birds including resident sandhill cranes.  The creek eventually ties in with Baker Creek itself.  Merston Creek is a fish bearing stream and there are lots of brook trout on the property.  The property has a water licence to Merston Creek for domestic purposes at a daily maximum consumption rate of 2,000 gallons per day.  This region of the province is famous for its ample water supply.  The well on the property is an artesian well with very high quality water.  Water quality test results are available upon request.

The property is accessed via a maintained road (Aron Road), which meets with the end of the driveway.  There is a very safe and secure steel gate at the end of the driveway, which will prevent any unwanted traffic in the owner’s absence.  The private driveway further enhances the privacy of the property, as the residence cannot be seen from the public roadway.

There are numerous outbuildings and facilities, which enhance the property’s value and utility as a recreational property.  There is a woodshed, fuel containers and two spacious outbuildings (25’ x 75’) capable of storing all the tools and toys associated with a recreational property of this magnitude.  Both of these outbuildings are insulated, dry-walled and possess a metal roof.  All that needs to be done is to put an overhead door on these massive sheds.

There is a well-worn road system, which connects the main driveway and cabin with the property’s outbuildings.  The trail is designed to accommodate all vehicles.


The main residence is well constructed and offers 1,166 ft2 of comfortable living space.  The home has all services required to live comfortably including electricity, artesian well, wood stove, septic system, land line telephone, TV satellite dish and internet access.  The house provides all these modern conveniences in a remote, rural setting.  The home was recently renovated in 2018 with the functionality and aesthetic appeal being greatly enhanced.

As you enter the home through the front door you are greeted by the main boot room/entrance way.  The brand new stackable washer and dry are housed here in addition to a new deep freeze and the water heater.  From the entrance way you enter into a dining area/the main kitchen.  This is an open concept room, which filters into the main living room.  All the appliances in the kitchen, including the stove and fridge, are brand new.  The cabinet faces have been updated and now adorn beautiful tongue and groove wood panelling.  There is ample cupboard space to keep dishes and food products.  There is also room for a small island if you require additional counter space.

The kitchen and living room are extremely bright with multiple large southwest facing windows.  These windows bask the kitchen and living room in a warm glow late into the evening.  The window in the living room covers the majority of the wall providing a framed view of the surrounding wilderness.  You can sit here and enjoy the passing wildlife, as you sip your morning coffee.  In the living room there is a stunning accent wall, which adorns 1” x 4” rustic wood panelling.

A wood stove serves as the focal point of the main floor living area, as it basks both the kitchen, dining area and living room in warmth.  The crackle of the wood stove serves to enhance the cozy cottage ambience of the residence.  In addition to the wood stove, electric baseboard heaters may are also available if you choose to go on vacation and want to keep the home heated in the winter.

There is a three piece bathroom on the main floor, which divides two equally sized, spacious bedrooms.  Both bedrooms have large windows providing plenty of natural light.

As you ascend the stairs into the loft you will notice the new wood flooring, which has recently been installed.  The loft is an enormous space relative to the home with an A-frame ceiling.  This is a perfect space to turn into a master bedroom, an office, a rec room and much more.

As an added bonus, the current owner has tastefully installed various shelving untis throughout the home to increase storage options.  There is a large storage space, with shelving units, tucked away underneath the stairs.


From Quesnel, proceed west along Nazko Road for approximately 44 km until you come to the intersection of Tibbles Road.  Turn left (south) onto Tibbles Road and keep left, as the road will turn into Lavington Road.  After approximately 2 km turn left (east) onto Aron Road.  Proceed until you reach the main gate and property boundary.


Baker Creek is a highly sought after recreational area, due to its raw beauty and seclusion along with its easy access to the town and employment center of Quesnel.  There are several large lakes in the area including Puntataenkut Lake, Teltierone Lake, Tiltzarone Lake and Puntchesakut Lake.  The region has enormous tracts of public land with logging roads and trails providing excellent year-round access and exploration opportunity.

Quesnel is the closest urban center with a population of approximately 10,000.  Quesnel is a logging and transportation hub.  The town is surrounded with productive forests and sits conveniently on Highway 97 between the urban centers of Williams Lake and Prince George.  Quesnel offers all the modern necessities required to supply and service your rural property in Baker Creek.  Sylvia’s Café is a short trip up the road if you need basic items and do not have time to drive into Quesnel.


Lodge pole pine is the dominant tree species in the Baker Creek region.  In areas of low lying wetlands, white spruce may be found in abundance.  Because the property has areas of lowland marsh, you may come across several species of marsh grass and thick sections of willow.  Pine tends to dominate the ridges on the property while the marsh grass and willow is concentrated in the lower sections of the property.  There is enormous opportunity to open the property up for grazing purposes.


Baker Creek is famous for its recreational pursuits.  If you are a trail riding enthusiast, the area offers thousands of kilometres of trails and logging road access for quads, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.

The numerous lakes and water bodies nearby provides ample opportunity for water sports and fishing.  A variety of fish species can be caught throughout the region, but most common to the immediate area are rainbow trout and char.  This is a renowned trout fishing area.

For hunting and wildlife viewing enthusiasts, the property holds resident moose and mule deer, which may be seen early in the morning or at dusk all from the front porch.  The property sits in Management Unit 5-13 and offers general tags for mule deer, whitetail and black bear.  There is also a long season for grouse and other game birds, which frequent the property.  A growing flock of sandhill cranes continue to visit the property on an annual basis.


The region surrounding Quesnel, was made famous by the Gold Rush, which occurred starting in the mid 19th century.  The Gold Rush caused a major influx in the number of people moving to the area and in 1861 it was said that the town of Barkerville (east of Quesnel) was the most populous city in North America east of Chicago and north of San Francisco.  Many remnants of this time-period remain throughout the region, as evidenced by the numerous historical buildings in and around Quesnel.

Baker Creek and Nazko became famous cowboying centers, as cowboys would summer thousands of cattle in the high country surrounding Nazko and Baker Creek and then drive them into auction at Quesnel each year.  Alexander Mackenzie was one of the first Europeans to visit the Baker Creek and Nazko region of the province in 1793, as he was guided through by the Carrier First Nation tribe.

The cowboys found it difficult to make a living in the early days with poor access to supplies, long distances to market and sporadic weather conditions.


52°55’7.00″N and 122°59’5.71″W


  • Septic
  • Water – artesian well
  • Electricity
  • Xplornet available
  • Water licence – 2,000 gallons per day domestic
  • Land line telephone
  • Satellite dish for TV


  • 1,166 ft2 cabin renovated in 2018
  • Insulated sheds – 25’x75’
  • Wood sheds
  • Fuel container


$874.41 (2018)


RA – The property is zoned as Rural Agricultural and is extremely lenient regarding potential uses of the property.  Please inquire for the full set of zoning bylaw rules.  This property is not in the ALR, which opens it up to subdivision possibilities.


DL 12454 Cariboo District except the North 905.256 metres

PID 005-760-381

The North 905.256 metres of DL 12454 Cariboo District

PID 005-760-399