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McIntosh Lane with Ocean View – Lot 5 – Bowen Island, BC

  • Select Property type: Active
  • DESCRIPTION: Beautiful and picturesque single-family island lot with stunning views of the ocean. This 0.64-acre lot is the perfect location for your dream home, with ample space for a residence, 2-car garage, plus a garden and dedicated green space. Each of the lots within this subdivision will be delivered with full services ensuring a seamless transition into your new forever home. Access to the lot is via a paved road and is located just 15-minutes from Snug Cove and is within walking distance to both the beach and Bowen Island Golf Course.
  • LISTING NUMBER : 22254
  • PRICE: $955,000 (Plus GST)
  • SIZE: 0.64 of an acre


Set your sights on this collection of stunning single-family island lots with beautiful terrain and views that will keep you coming back for more. Situated on the highly desirable Bowen Island and located just a short 15-minute drive from Snug Cove and the Ferry Terminal, this rare slice of paradise is a fantastic investment opportunity, or destination for your future forever home.

As you access Bowen Island from the ferry you are immediately greeted with the salty sea air and the smiling faces of Bowen’s visitors and residents. Snug Cove is the commercial hub of Bowen Island and is where you can find all of your odds and ends, and has multiple restaurants and pubs offering a cozy island atmosphere and amazing food. Snug Cove is also where you can find medical services, museums, retail amenities and much more. As you pass through Snug Cove, on your way to the property, you seemingly transport back to a time where homes were few and far between and your eyeline was occupied by towering trees and lush green ferns. Navigating through the beautiful island vegetation along paved and well-maintained roads you reach the lots, which are located in the up-and-coming community of Seymour Landing at Cowan Point.

Your senses will ignite as you take notice of the world class views both near and far. The Bowen Island Golf Course and its lush 9th hole are clearly visible and provide a sense of calm as you see its many patrons enjoying a day outside walking the course. To the south lays the vast Georgia Strait, and just beyond is Burrard Inlet. Picture yourself on your back deck staring out over the glimmering ocean and watching ferries, boats, and the occasional whale slowly meander through your view.

The size and topography of each lot provides ample build space and would allow for a 2-car garage plus room for a garden and dedicated green space. The zoning permits total lot coverage equal to 40%, with a maximum floor space ratio (FSR) of 0.30, allowing for a multitude of home designs and sizes. Each lot will be delivered to the new owners with full services to the lot line. This will include hydro/cable/Internet, sewer connections and disposal by Cowan Point Sewage Treatment Inc., water shall be provided by Cowan Point Utility Company Ltd.

Adjacent to Lot 1 and 7, and sharing a westerly border, is provincially owned land that will ensure privacy to the west as well as quick access to hiking trails and serene natural ecosystems to explore and enjoy.

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814 McIntosh Lane – Bowen Island, BC


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Cowan Point Lands, which is where you will find the subject lots, includes a 500-acre area near the southern tip of Bowen Island. The area is best characterized by its topographical diversity, including developable bench lands, upland slopes, ocean frontage, and much more. The phased development of Cowan Point originally began in 2003 with the introduction of a 9-hole golf course and detached homes. This growing area is set for continued growth and is idyllically situated and designed to foster a strong sense of community through its clustered settlement plans with a diverse range of housing types on a wide variety of stunning island lots.

Bowen Island is considered part of the wider Metro Vancouver area. The island is located approximately 3 km from the Mainland at its closest point and it is approximately 12 km long and 6 km wide. Bowen Island has an intricate road network making most areas of the island accessible by vehicle.

The Bowen Island Municipality is the main governing body responsible for zoning, development, bylaw enforcement, parks/recreation and water conservation. The municipality also manages community recreation programs including a teen center. Their municipal office is located just inland from Snug Cove.

With a population of approximately 3,680 residents, Bowen Island is still very much a relaxed bedroom community. The population number can increase by as much as 1,500 residents during the warm summer months, as residents from the Mainland look to escape the stresses of daily life. Each day the island sees many residents travel to the Mainland and back for both work and school.

Schools on the island fall under the West Vancouver School District. There is a public elementary school on the island called Bowen Island Community School. This school is located inland from Snug Cove at the intersection of Grafton and Mount Gardner Road. Once students reach grade 8, they typically continue their high school education on the Mainland; school buses transport students from their homes to the ferry on Bowen Island and to/from their school back to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal (at no additional cost). There is a private middle school on the island (grades 6-9 with one class per grade and a maximum of 18 students per class). There are independent preschools, a day care center and a Family Place. A new community center is currently under construction.

Snug Cove is the commercial center of Bowen Island where you can find grocery stores, a post office, pharmacy, pubs/restaurants, cafes, various services and the main marina. Nearby Artisan Square offers a blend of retail, food, fine art and wellness options. Tourism is certainly a main driver of commerce on the island, but the film industry has also utilized Bowen Island for its scenic location.


Bowen Island is richly adorned with lush vegetation and thick forest.b Douglas fir, cedar, maple and arbutus trees are all found in abundance.


Despite Bowen Island’s laid-back nature, there are many activities and adventures to undertake. Bowen Island Golf Club offers a challenging 9-hole course with scenic views of Vancouver and is just a few minutes from the subject lots. There are many hiking trails including Crippen Regional Park, Dorman Point Lookout, Killarney Lake and Mount Gardner. For a more cultured experience, visit one of the many local art galleries and workshops to view some of the local talent. For food enthusiasts Snug Cove and Artisan Square offer several dining options if you do not feel like cooking one evening.

In the immediate vicinity of the subdivision the following activities are available.

  • Golfing
  • Gardening
  • Hiking/exploring
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming/snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Boating/sailing
  • Crabbing/fishing
  • Birding/wildlife viewing
  • Mountain biking
  • Or simply relaxing and enjoying the serene ambiance

A 20-minute ferry ride away, back on the mainland, you are 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver where you can take in a hockey game, enjoy some of the finest dining and nightlife in the world, or simply explore this great city.

Heading north on the Sea-to Sky Highway, from Horseshoe Bay, you can quickly access the adventure towns of Squamish and Whistler. The opportunities are too many to enumerate but a short list includes:

  • Sea-to-Sky Gondola
  • Inland salmon fishing on the rivers around Squamish
  • Unlimited hiking to one of the region’s many alpine lakes
  • Skiing/snowboarding Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Hill
  • Camping
  • Golfing Fury Creek Golf Course
  • Relaxing at the Scandinavia Spa
  • Rock climbing the Chief Mountain
  • Paragliding
  • Bungy jumping

If you choose to boat over to Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast, your recreational options are opened even wider with breweries and fine dining options available immediately on the water. The Sunshine Coast deserves a full weekend of discovery and exploration.

To possess the rural solitude and sense of security found on Bowen Island, so close to an iconic city like Vancouver, is simply amazing.


Bowen Island was originally a seasonal hunting ground of the Squamish peoples who lived and travelled throughout Howe Sound. Snug Cove is one area of Bowen Island that was utilized as a hunting and gathering camp by the Squamish peoples. In the Squamish language the name for Bowen Island is Nexwe’lexm.

The Spanish arrived on Canada’s west coast in 1791. They named many land features including Bowen Island, which they called Isla de Apodaca. However, in 1860 George Richards, with the British Navy, renamed the island after Rear Admiral James Bowen.

The late 19th century saw homesteaders building permanent homes along with a brickworks factory on Bowen Island, which supplied material to the growing city of Vancouver. Different industries continued to grow on Bowen including logging, milling and some mining. Despite Bowen Island’s industrial past, it has very much become a bedroom community with no heavy industry.

During the 1900s Bowen Island saw the arrival of the Horseshoe Bay—Bowen Island Ferry in 1921, provided by the Union Steamship Company. The company operated a resort on the island and needed a means to transport guests back and forth from the mainland. The resort shut down in 1960 and growth on the island slowed for a period of time. Towards the end of the 20th century population growth on the mainland resulted in many individuals moving to Bowen Island to escape rising real estate prices and population pressures. In 1999 the Bowen Island Municipality was formally recognized, as the main governing authority over the island.


49°20’37.02″N and 123°21’39.82″W


Please see mapping section (all boundaries are approximate).



Each lot within the subdivision will be fully serviced with the following:



Water is provided by Cowan Point Utility Company Ltd.  Hookups to water shall be at the lot line.



Sewer is disposed of by Cowan Point Sewage Treatment Inc.  Hookups to sewer shall

be at the lot line.



Shall all be provided to the lot line.



$2,465.96 (2022)


Comprehensive Development 6 (CD 6) Zone (Cowan Point)



  • PID 028-962-141