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Expansive Property with a Mostly Private Lake and both Agricultural and Recreational Potential – Williams Lake, BC

  • Select Property type: Active
  • DESCRIPTION: This 224-acre property features cleared pastures with a waterfront on Croan Lake, ideal for agricultural use or a tranquil lakeside retreat, complete with a domestic water license and located 15 minutes from McLeese Lake. Adjacent to Crown Land, it offers endless exploration and is perfect for a seasonal cabin or a permanent residence, nestled within the Agricultural Land Reserve for preserved rural charm. GST applicable.
  • LISTING NUMBER : 24070
  • PRICE: $450,000
  • SIZE: 224 Acres


This extensive property comprises 224 acres split across two distinct titles, situated 13 kilometers up the serene Blue Lake Road. The large acreage is nestled in a prime location that offers a mix of wilderness and cleared pastureland. Of the total area, approximately 94 acres have been cleared with lush grass growing suitable for grazing or agricultural projects. The presence of a domestic water license further enhances the property’s utility for residential purposes, ensuring a reliable water supply.

Adding to its allure, the property boasts a nearly private waterfront aspect on Croan Lake, which offers picturesque views and direct access to water-based recreational activities. This feature makes it an attractive option for those seeking a connection with nature and the tranquility associated with lakeside living. Whether for kayaking, fishing, or simply enjoying the sunset over the water, the lakefront adds a significant charm and value to the property.

The property’s location offers the best of both worlds, urban convenience and rural serenity, being approximately 15 minutes from the village of McLeese Lake and 30 minutes from the larger town of Williams Lake. This proximity to local communities ensures that essentials and services are within reasonable reach while maintaining a sense of seclusion and privacy. The area is also part of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), which protects and promotes agricultural land use and discourages urban sprawl, preserving the rural nature of the region.

Adjacent to Crown Land, the property offers limitless opportunities for exploration and outdoor activities, making it ideal for those with a passion for adventure or environmental conservation. This adjacency provides expansive and unspoiled backdrops for hiking, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor pursuits. With its significant amount of space, private setting, and versatile landscape, the property is perfectly suited for developing a recreational cabin or constructing a forever home, catering to both seasonal enjoyment and year-round living.


DL 9477 Blue Lake Road

Williams Lake, BC


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Croan Lake, nestled in the picturesque landscape of British Columbia near Williams Lake, offers an idyllic setting for both recreation and serene rural living. The area is renowned for its abundant wildlife, including deer, bears, and a variety of bird species, making it a perfect locale for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Recreational opportunities abound with activities such as fishing, kayaking, and canoeing on the lake itself, while the surrounding trails invite hikers and mountain bikers to explore the scenic terrain. In the winter, the region transforms into a snowy retreat with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The proximity to Crown Land also enhances the appeal for those interested in more extensive hiking, hunting, and outdoor exploration.

For those considering relocating or purchasing property, Williams Lake serves as a nearby hub with a stronger economic base. The town provides essential services, healthcare, and shopping, along with employment opportunities primarily in the forestry, mining, and retail sectors. The community is active and family-friendly, with schools, cultural events, and local sports teams enriching the local lifestyle. Williams Lake also hosts the famous Williams Lake Stampede, a significant annual rodeo that attracts visitors from all over, contributing to the local economy and offering a unique glimpse into the area’s cultural heritage.


The Williams Lake and broader Cariboo region of British Columbia are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wealth of recreational opportunities year-round. This area is well-known for its rugged and diverse landscapes, including dense forests, serene lakes, and expansive grasslands, which provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of activities.

In the warmer months, the region’s numerous lakes and rivers are hotspots for water sports, including kayaking, canoeing, and water skiing. Fishing is particularly popular, with local waters teeming with trout, salmon, and other species. The extensive network of trails welcomes hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders to explore the scenic vistas and untouched wilderness. The area is also a favorite among off-road vehicle enthusiasts, with many designated trails and parks.

When winter arrives, the Cariboo transforms into a snowy wonderland. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are prevalent, with well-maintained trails like those at Bull Mountain and the 100 Mile Nordic Ski Society. Downhill skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed at nearby resorts such as Mt. Timothy Ski Area, which offers slopes suitable for all skill levels. Snowmobiling is another major draw, with the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail providing extensive routes that are both challenging and scenic.


Domestic Water License (C032144)






$51.40 (2023)


Resource Area (RA)

Cariboo Regional District

South Cariboo Area