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158 Acre Farm with Grazing Range Situated in the Fertile Agate Bay Valley – Louis Creek, BC

Price : $1,299,000
  • Select Property type: Active
  • DESCRIPTION: This picturesque 158-acre farm in Louis Creek just 15 minutes from the Highway offers a perfect mix of farming potential and natural charm. It includes 50 acres of efficiently irrigated hay cultivation, modern livestock facilities, extensive grazing rights, and a delightful 3-bedroom home surrounded by a fenced yard and timberland, ideal for aspiring farmers or those desiring a peaceful lifestyle.
  • LISTING NUMBER : 24011
  • PRICE: $1,299,000
  • SIZE: 158 acres


Tucked away in the scenic and fertile Agate Bay valley of Louis Creek, and just 15 minutes from the Highway, this beautiful quaint farm covers a total of 158 acres. It’s an ideal retreat for those who are passionate about agriculture and nature, offering a harmonious combination of practicality and scenic beauty. The property comes with 2 water licenses, ensuring that farming practices are both sustainable and efficient. A key component to the operation of the farm is the existing adjacent range permit (509 AUM), encompassing approximately 20,000 acres between Johnson Lake and Dixon Lake. This vast area allows for extensive grazing and a variety of outdoor activities, making it an invaluable asset for aspiring farmers or ranchers.

This land’s agricultural potential is prominently showcased by its roughly 50 acres dedicated to hay cultivation, 25 acres of which is sub-irrigated. These fields benefit from a well-established gravity irrigation system, which significantly enhances water efficiency and crop health and can allow for up to 3 cuts in a good year. Additionally, the farm includes cattle handling infrastructure and a spacious calving barn, both designed to facilitate efficient livestock management. These aspects underscore the farm’s readiness for immediate agricultural endeavors, accommodating both seasoned farmers and those new to the agrarian lifestyle.

Central to this farm is a charming, move-in-ready residence, comprising 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and recently updated with a new certified wood stove. Encircled by a well-kept, fenced yard, the home provides a secure and private living environment. Adjacent to the house, there’s a handy small shop equipped with a wood stove, alongside two storage sheds and a single carport. Situated just above the house is an approximately 5-acre “home” pasture, featuring a small barn, perfect for rearing chickens or starting a personal vegetable garden, thus enabling a sustainable, self-reliant way of life.

Adding another layer of value to the property is around 75 acres of timberland comprised of sought after cedar and fir trees. This not only adds to the farm’s visual appeal but also presents an opportunity for timber harvesting. With its comprehensive setup, this farm is primed for operation, and all necessary licenses and range permits will transfer with the sale. Such a well-equipped, attractively situated farm is a rare find.


1468 Agate Bay Road, Louis Creek BC


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Agate Bay Valley, nestled in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, boasts a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty. The valley, known for its lush landscapes and vibrant ecosystems, has been a site of human activity for thousands of years, with Indigenous peoples being the first to inhabit the area. The arrival of European settlers in the 19th century marked a significant shift, as the region became a hub for the fur trade and later, the gold rush. These events profoundly shaped the area’s cultural and economic landscape. Over time, Agate Bay evolved, with agriculture and forestry becoming the mainstays of its economy. The region’s dense forests and fertile land supported these industries, allowing them to thrive well into the 20th century.

In recent years, Agate Bay Valley and the surrounding areas, including Wells Gray and Kamloops, have become renowned for their recreational opportunities, drawing visitors from around the globe. Wells Gray Provincial Park, known as Canada’s Waterfall Park, is a major attraction, offering spectacular vistas, including the famous Helmcken Falls, one of Canada’s highest waterfalls. The park’s extensive wilderness provides a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities like hiking, canoeing, and wildlife watching. Meanwhile, Kamloops, located to the south of Agate Bay, is a vibrant city known for its diverse recreational offerings. It is a year-round destination, famous for its world-class mountain biking trails in the summer and excellent skiing opportunities in the winter. The region’s rich blend of history, industry, and recreation makes it a unique and cherished part of British Columbia’s cultural and natural heritage.


The Louis Creek region, nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s rugged landscape, offers a plethora of recreational activities, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. In the winter months, the area transforms into a snowy wonderland, ideal for skiing enthusiasts. Nearby ski resorts, such as Sun Peaks Resort, provide a range of slopes suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers, along with snowboarding opportunities and picturesque cross-country trails. During the warmer seasons, the region’s extensive network of hiking and mountain biking trails come to life, offering breathtaking views of the Canadian wilderness. The proximity to lakes like Johnson Lake and Dixon Lake also presents ample opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, allowing residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the great outdoors all year round.


Existing 20,000-acre range permit


  • Water Licenses
    • Trott Gultch: #C121542 & C121543
    • Sinmax (Pass) Creek: #F013297
  • Septic
  • Hydro
  • New WETT certified Wood Stove


  • Main Residence: 1,026 SF (Built in 1967)
  • Fencing/X-Fencing
  • Pens & Corrals
  • Calving Barn
  • Storage Buildings
  • Carport
  • Cattle Loading Infrastructure
  • Sub-irrigation on approx. 25 acres


$631.34 for 2023




PID: 013-036-050