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Additional Services

Opinions of Value and Pricing

Accurately pricing a farm, ranch, resort, or rural property is essential for attracting prospective Buyers and achieving the highest possible final sales price. Our team are experts at pricing and evaluating farm, ranch and resort operations along with other rural type properties.  We consider all relative factors while formulating our pricing strategies.

Vet Prospective Buyers and Arrange Showings

Your time is important to us and therefore, it is imperative that we vet prospective Buyers prior to arranging showings. Our team utilizes a series of pre-determined questions designed to ascertain the viability of a Buyer prospect before they ever step foot on your property. Once a Buyer has been vetted, we can then set up a showing time that minimizes interference with your day-to-day operations.

Ongoing client Updates and Communication

Ongoing communication and updates are essential between the team and our clients. Changes in the market, micro/macro-economic circumstances and government policy all have the potential to impact the sale of a rural property. It is important that everyone remains informed on all such topics.

Our team provides (at a minimum) monthly marketing updates. These updates show prospective Buyer viewership numbers across the various marketing platforms and detail our team’s marketing efforts to date. This way you always know how your property is being received in the marketplace and if a new pricing strategy is warranted.


Our team has individually negotiated hundreds of transactions each and have received many hours of training in principled negotiation. We always seek a win-win transaction where both parties emerge satisfied with the end result.

Completion and Conveyancing

Our office has an all-inclusive conveyancing staff who prepare the transactional documentation to be sent to both the Buyer’s and Seller’s legal council for final completion. We will explain the completion process to you and eliminate any hurdles before they arise. You can expect a smooth, stress-free deal completion.